Cat's Best Öko Plus, 40 L

Cat's Best Öko Plus, 40 L

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1 l = 0.62 €


Cat's Best Öko Plus is up to 3 x more efficient than conventional clumping kitty litter because the fluids are more effectively trapped in the capillary system of the natural plant fibres. Therefore Cat's Best Öko Plus can be used more sparingly and is thus also distinctly more economical than many other types of kitty litter.

The work of cleaning and filling the litter box will be reduced to a minimum because Cat's Best Öko Plus stays in the litter box longer- thanks to its ability to trap odours without other irritating smells.

  • Traps odours extremely well
  • Can be composted and is 100% biodegradable:
    Cat's Best Öko Plus is currently the only kitty litter that can be composted and is biodegradable. Therefore you can empty the litter box right into the compost or the bio-waste container.
  • 100 % pure plant fibres:
    Cat's Best Öko Plus uses the finest plant fibres, which come from untreated native fir timber. This timber continually accumulates; its use contributes to the maintenance of natural, healthy forests.
  • Easier to transport
  • Quality tested:
    Even the independent product test commission Stiftung Warentest evaluated Cat's Best Öko Plus in April 1998 as having best quality and an outstanding price/performance ratio. Of the 19 evaluated clumping kitty litters, Cat's Best Öko Plus was the only ecological litter among test winners.

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